Fellow MPRO Members,

One of the delights of playing Adieu mes Amors and other pieces from the Franco-Flemish School is in their imitative counterpoint and rhythmic subtlety. Another comes from knowing something about the artists and their time. 

Josquin des Prez was certainly one of the most talented and influential composers of the period, at a time when an unusually large number of such people were on the scene. 

A glimpse of these circumstances comes to us in a letter from an Italian courtier, who suggested his patron hire Josquin’s renowned countryman Heinrich Isaac instead, since Isaac was 40 percent cheaper, had a better disposition and was more prolific. “It is true that Josquin composes better,” he said, “but he composes when he wants to and not when one wants him to."

JosquinJosquin got the job, but the historical record has not been kind to him. Aside from that letter, little else has survived which gives any indication of the man himself. Many of the works originally attributed to him have since been assigned to other composers. And despite his fame throughout Europe, this woodcut is the only portrait we have of him.







Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,


          Listed below is the music for the orchestra’s next three meetings. Please note that the meeting on Monday, December 1, will take place at Grace Lutheran Church, 3149 Waverley Street in Palo Alto at 7:30 P.M. as will the meeting on Thursday, December 4, which is the dress rehearsal for the orchestra’s holiday concert.  The holiday concert will take place at Grace Lutheran Church on Saturday, December 6, at 2:00 P.M.  All those planning on taking part in this performance are expected to attend the dress rehearsal on December 4. 


As in the past, small ensembles are encouraged to appear in this concert.  Those groups that intend to perform at the holiday concert are asked to send me the following information by November 21:  the title(s) of the music to be performed, the name(s) of the composer(s), the name of the ensemble (if any) and the names of the ensemble's members. 


Regarding the upcoming meetings, Irene Beardsley will be attending those on November 19 and December 1.  Since this will be the final opportunity before the dress rehearsal to play the selections scheduled for those evenings with all instruments present I encourage all MPRO members to attend these meetings. 


Please note that at the November 19 meeting there will be sectional seating for the Telemann Concerto in B flat Major, with those playing Soprano Recorder 1-3, Alto Recorder 1 and Tenor Recorder 1-2 sitting on the right as they face the conductor and those playing Alto Recorder 2, Tenor Recorder 3-4 and Bass Recorder on the left.  Please observe this seating arrangement when you choose your place at the beginning of the meeting on November 19.  Seating charts will be used for the meetings on December 1 and December 4 as well as the holiday concert on December 6.   Please note as well that sopranino and contrabass recorders, as well as krummhorns and bassoon, will be needed at all three meetings and that great bass recorders will be needed for the meetings on December 1 and December 4.


November 19


Telemann:  Concerto in B flat Major

Mainerio:  Caro Ortolano

Guerrero:  Adiós mi amor

Josquin:  Adieu mes amors




Monday, December 1

MPRO meeting

Grace Lutheran Church.

3149 Waverley Street in Palo Alto, 7:30 P.M


Telemann:  Concerto in B flat Major

Jarzebski:  Berlinesa

Elfers and Johansson:  Pippi Långstrump

Bach:  Passepied I and II


Thursday, December 4

Dress rehearsal for the MPRO holiday concert

Grace Lutheran Church, 7:30 P.M.


It Came Upon the Midnight Clear; Silent Night;

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Telemann:  Concerto in B flat Major

Mainerio:  Caro Ortolano

Jarzebski:  Berlinesa

Bach:  Passepied I and II

Guerrero:  Adiós mi amor

Josquin:  Adieu mes amors

Elfers and Johansson:  Pippi Långstrump


I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings.


Sincerely, Fred Palmer






ADAM JARZEBSKI (c. 1590-1649)



 Adam Jarzebski was born in Warka, Poland. After spending a few years in Germany and Italy, he moved to Warsaw. There he was a man of diverse talents—a prominent musician, a composer of instrumental music, an author of a literary work about the customs and music of Warsaw, and a popular figure in the royal Polish court. MPRO will perform his lovely Berlinesa at the Holiday Concert in December, featuring Gregor Dairaghi on bassoon. A youTube
recording of the work is posted at


YouTube recordings of MPRO repertoire/provided or approved by Fred or Greta
Elfers, etc:
Guerrero: not available



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