“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…”  Many MPRO members have long enjoyed the early music concerts of the Albany Consort without knowing the history and philosophy of this fine ensemble.  What better time than now as their Fall season opens this month.  We have invited one of its directors to share the following with us.


Thank you Maid Marion1

Grace and Liz (Co-Presidents)



The Albany Consort


In the early 1990’s Marion Rubenstein taught a class for beginning and intermediate level recorder players, which was part of the Palo Alto Adult School curriculum.  Several current MPRO members attended that class.


That class no longer exists.  However Marion continues playing the recorder.  In 1974 she and her husband, Jonathan Salzedo, started The Albany Consort – at Christ Church, Albany Street, London – hence the group’s name.  Jonathan moved to the Bay Area in 1981 to join Marion, leaving behind the original group.   The Albany Consort has been in existence nearly 40 years, longer than almost any other early music group.  Over 400 musicians have performed with the group over the years.


Marion writes:  “Like our natures, our musical backgrounds are quite different.  Marion studied harpsichord and recorder at Stanford with seasoned musicians.   She met Jonathan when she was a graduate student in London, on a musicology path.   Jonathan got most of his musical training from the school of hard knocks: in England he brought musicians together and learned all he needed to know from them.  He considers himself a pragmatist - if it sounds good, use it.   The decades have loosened our positions - now we are happy in an inclusive middle ground.   Sometimes Jonathan can be seen reading a musicology textbook!  Like all good Jews, we love a good argument, and can provide entertainment by debating a musical point in a rehearsal.


“ ‘Experimental’ is the characteristic that most describes our group.   At every rehearsal, at every performance, we try something different, just to see if it works.   Other groups attempt this also, but most of them do not travel too far from the safe path.  For us the experiment is the important thing, even if occasionally something doesn’t work perfectly.   We have wonderful audiences who are with us in all our attempts.


“Our Micro-Orchestra is back for a concert this month: we will be doing orchestral works by Bach, Vivaldi, and Corelli, with a never-heard-before duet by Telemann for recorders.   All the orchestral works will have added recorder parts, proving once again how essential the recorder is as an orchestral, as well as chamber, instrument.    Come and hear us! ” 

Contributed by Marion Rubinstein

Albany Concert Performs


SUN OCT 10 at 4pm - tickets $15/$10

MENLO PARK St Bede’s, 2650 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park


MON OCT 11 at 8pm - tickets $15/$10

SAN FRANCISCO St James’, 8th/California, San Francisco


Jonathan Salzedo harpsichord; Marion Rubinstein, Carol Panofsky recorder; Yueh Chou bassoon

Rachel Hurwitz, Daria D’Andrea, Ondine Young violin/viola;

Amy Brodo cello; Farley Pearce violone


Bach – Harpsichord Concerto in d minor;

Vivaldi – La Notte;

Works by Handel, Telemann, Corelli



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Conductor’s Corner

Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,


Listed below is the music for the orchestra's next two meetings.  Please note that there will be sectional seating for the Legrenzi Sonata “La Buscha” at both meetings with those playing Soprano Recorders 1 and 2, Alto Recorder 1 and Tenor Recorder 1, on the right as they face the conductor and those playing Alto Recorder 2, Tenor Recorder 2 and Contrabass Recorder on the left.   Please observe this seating arrangement when you choose your place at the beginning of each meeting.   Also, please note that great bass and contrabass recorders, dulcien and viola da gamba will be needed at both meetings, krummhorns on October 20 and sopranino recorder on November 10.



October 20

Shmulowitz:  A Brivele der Mam’n

Legrenzi:  Sonata “La Buscha”

Bach:  Chorus and Chorale

Bassano:  Quem vidistis pastores?


November 10

Telemann:  Adagio largo

Legrenzi:  Sonata “La Buscha”

Bach:  Chorus and Chorale

Go hert, hurt with adversite

Be pes! Ye make me spille my ale!



I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings.


Sincerely,  Fred Palmer



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Listed below are the dates, times and locations of the orchestra's dress rehearsal and performances that will conclude the first half of MPRO's 2010-2011 season. 


Dress rehearsal.  Tuesday,  November 30,  Grace Lutheran Church, 3149 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, 7:30 P.M.


Winter Gala presented by the California State University, East Bay Department of Music.  Friday, December 3,  All Saints Catholic Church,  22824  2nd Street, Hayward,  7:30 P.M.


MPRO holiday concert.  Saturday,  December 4,  Grace Lutheran Church,  2:00 P.M. 


Please mark these dates on your calendar, and I encourage all of the orchestra's members to take part in the December  concerts.

Fred Palmer



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Text Box: west valley music

Moeck and Yamaha recorders

LARGE selection of recorder music


262 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

A Message from our Treasurer


Hello Everyone,


It’s that time of year again to crunch some numbers to estimate a budget for MPRO’s 2010-2011 season.  Last year, although we were exceptionally lucky to have received income from generous donations and from a very successful workshop, we did have to dip into our General Fund to make up a small difference (about $150).  Now we are facing a situation similar to last autumn:  we may need to use a substantial fraction (~40%) of the General Fund to balance this year’s budget.  Due to the weak economy, we have lost one of our newsletter advertisers, which further reduces our income.  So, we are encouraging tax deductible donations to MPRO.   If you choose to contribute, please make your check to SFEMS, the San Francisco Early Music Society (since we are an affiliate) and specify that the donation is for MPRO.  Please give any checks to me, and I will route them through SFEMS.


Thank you for your support,

Leslie Pont, Treasurer


P.S.   A special thank you to early donors who sponsored our scholarships!