Dalia’s Musical Journey

(Welcome to the fray!)


 I was born and lived the first 29 years of my life in Israel.  I grew up in a small rural town, and was not aware how poor we all were at that time.  We were never hungry or cold, but there were none of the fancy extra things people are so dependent on today.  School was just 4 hours a day, to cover reading, writing, and math. We had homework from day one, but we also had plenty of free time to play.


When I was in first grade, one teacher volunteered to teach us music, as an after-school program.  It was free.  What he meant by "music" was "play the recorder."  Everyone in my class participated, but over time all those who did not practice - left.  By third grade, most of my friends were gone.  By this time we played "real music," and by the following year my teacher decided he would produce a real concert, and we would play Haydn's "Toy Symphony." 


This was a big deal: I had never been in a concert before; we did not even have a record player to listen to classical music at home.  I did hear "Peter and the Wolf" over the radio, but I could not tell many of the instruments apart.  The teacher collected all the children who played anything, and after a few months we performed.  It was amazing.


I continued to learn and progress until I was in 6th grade.  By then my teacher thought I should learn to play the alto recorder.  The change in fingering and key were frustrating and I lost interest in the recorder.  I wanted to play the piano, but that is another story.  In high school I took a music appreciation class, started to go the performances in the big city, and my musical horizons opened.


Since 6th grade, I played the recorder just occasionally, and only when my friend Anna told me about this recorder orchestra - I started to think about it again.  I found my playing is exactly where I left it: some difficulties producing the very high notes, but I keep the rhythm pretty well.  I am looking forward to getting over these challenges so I can enjoy being part of this talented group.


Dalia Orr




Conductor’s Corner



Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,


I want to take this opportunity to thank those who made the January 21 MPRO workshop a resounding success.  These include Mary Ashley, Marguerite Dilley, George Greenwood, Christopher Flake, Claire Heinzelman, Margaret More, Leslie Pont and Stevie White as well as the workshop director, Glen Shannon.  Because of their efforts, workshops presented by the orchestra remain a vital part of the Bay Area’s recorder scene.  I am also pleased to announce that Irene Beardsley will be playing keyboard with MPRO at its February 15 meeting.  Since this will be one of the few opportunities to rehearse some of the music for the June 2 concert with all forces present, I encourage everyone to attend this meeting.


Listed below is the music for the orchestra's next two meetings.  Please note that there will be sectional seating for the Stradella Sonata, with those playing the Soprano 1 and 2, Alto 1 and Bass 1 parts sitting on the right as they face the conductor and those playing Alto 2, Tenor, Bass 2 and Contrabass on the left.  Please observe this seating arrangement when you choose your place at the beginning of the meeting on February 15.  Please note as well that bass viola da gamba and great bass recorders will be needed at both meetings and sopranino and contrabass recorders, dulcien and krummhorns, on February 15.



February 15

Stradella:  Sonata

Hovhaness:  Let them praise the name of the Lord

Brade:  Allmand

Schmelzer:  Sonata ą 7



February 22

Dunstable:  Sancta Maria

Piazzolla: Resurrección del Angel, Un Dia de Paz,

 Los Paraguas de Buenos Aires

Schmelzer:  Sonata ą 7



            I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings and working on this music with you.




Fred Palmer







Recorder Instruction Available


Judith Linsenberg currently has openings in her Palo Alto studio for both private recorder lessons and coached ensembles.  All levels welcome.  Special offer:  first lesson for new students is half-price! Other incentives for longer commitments.


Judy is the director of the Baroque ensemble, Musica Pacifica, holds a doctorate in early music from Stanford, and has taught at recorder and early music workshops across the US for over 25 years.  For more on Judy, please visit her websites: http://www.linsenberg.com and http://www.musicapacifica.org.   Contact her at judy@linsenberg.com or 510-444-4113.




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From Glen Shannon


Hi all,


Saturday's workshop with MPRO was a total blast for me, thanks for having me as your workshop director this year! I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did- it was such a joy to have everyone dive into unfamiliar territory with enthusiasm and even a little bit of pre-practicing.


Thanks to George for getting the music out to everyone and printing the contingency sets of copies that we needed to get music to some of you.


A big thanks also to Leslie Pont for keeping me updated on the registrations so I knew who was coming.


Finally, thanks to all of you for keeping the energy up (even during Totally Tropical) and the spirits high! It really was a party!


Best regards,  Glen



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Word From Our Treasurer


I would like to thank all of you who attended and worked so hard to make MPRO's workshop, International Block Party, a success.  Our part of the profits amounted to about $800, and this will certainly help with our annual expenses.  However, we still expect to have to dip into our General Fund this year to make up our projected deficits, so please don't let this good result keep you from considering making a tax deductible donation.


Thanks again!

Leslie Pont, Treasurer

Text Box: west valley music

Moeck and Yamaha recorders

LARGE selection of recorder music


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Tales of the City


The San Francisco Recorder Society presents a musical tour of the cities of Europe from the Middle Ages to today with Louise Carslake and Hanneke van Proosdij.  Saturday, February 25, 2012, 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m;  Christ Church Lutheran, 1090 Quintara Street (at 20th Avenue),  San Francisco.  Tuition: $40 ($45 after February 10).  Bring a music stand, pencil, and a bag lunch.  For information contact Florence Kress, (415) 731-9709, or fkress@aol.com


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Hospitality Committee


Claire Heinzelman is now in charge of the Hospitality Committee.  Many thanks to Stevie White for her years of faithful service in this capacity.









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