Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra Newsletter



Happy 2002 to each of you! And we're off, to the second half of our year. We ended our fall with a good (or so I've heard), and well attended concert; and with a party and wonderful eats at Fred Kamphoefner's warmly decorated home.

The Orchestra starts gearing up for its June concert with its first meeting of the new year, on Jan. 9th. TISH BERLIN conducts our winter WORKSHOP on JAN. 26. The MPRO ensemble begins its rehearsals on the 16th of January in preparation for making a fundraising video. SHIRA KAMMEN is our guest conductor on Apr. 17.

This issue of UPBEAT contains Consort Chair George Greenwood's report. As most of you know, a consort is a small instrumental or vocal ensemble. According to The Norton/Grove Concise Encyclopedia of Music (1994) the term refers to those playing music composed before 1700. Since J.S. Bach died in 1750, those of you who are in ensembles which play any of his works composed after 1700 are not technically a consort, so I guess you can call yourselves anything you want. (A practice many or our groups have adopted, as you can see from the titles in George's report.) Ensembles of mixed instruments such as cornettos, sackbutts, crumhorns, shawms, etc. are called broken consorts. (Perhaps because it breaks your chops to play any of those things?)

Enough of trying to be funny. In order to be listed as an MPRO consort, only one of the consort members must also be a member of MPRO. It's great fun to play in a small group, and the greatest satisfaction comes if most or all members play all four (SATB) recorders. However, when I first joined an ensemble I played only S and A, and the other members of my group (the Crones) were most patient while I stumbled through the learning process on Tenor, then Bass. So, be brave, contact George, and he'll try to line you up with a group!

Stevie White

Donít forget the MPRO Workshop with Letitia Berlin on Saturday, January 26, 2002. For information see last monthís UpBeat, or phone Mary Carrigan at (415) 664-9050.


Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,

Listed below is the music for the orchestra's next two meetings of the orchestra. Please note that krummhorn players will be needed for the meeting on February 6. There will also be a rehearsal for the MPRO Ensemble on Wednesday, January 16 at 7:30 P.M. Only those who have volunteered to take part in the March video recording of the orchestra need attend this rehearsal. Music and part assignments for the selections below are available at the meeting on January 9. Those returning to the MPRO Ensemble from previous seasons will want to use the copies of the music they have from past performances.

January 16
MPRO Ensemble rehearsal, 7:30 P.M.
Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School

Rossi: Sinfonia
L'autre jour/Au tens pascour/In seculum
Claudin de Sermisy: Tant que vivray
Britten: Scherzo
Arbeau: Belle qui tiens ma vie
Marais: Rondeau
MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
I Will Bow and Be Simple, The Humble Heart, Simple Gifts
Ippolitov-Ivanov: Bless the Lord, O my soul
Viadana: La Mantovana

January 23
Landini: Che pena Ť quest'al cor
Margolis: Recorder Quartet
Vejvanovsky: Serenada

February 6
Lassus: Matona mia cara
Brahms: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
Soderino: L'Angelina
Haydn: Divertimento in F, Finale

I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings and working on this exciting and wonderful music with you. Please let any of your friends who play early instruments know about the orchestra's varied activities and invite them to attend an MPRO meeting, workshop or concert.

Fred Palmer


(To report corrections or updates, contact George Greenwood, [SEE WRITTEN NEWSLETTER FOR PHONE NUMBER])

MPRO members are playing in the following Consorts:

The Irving Avenue Consort

Frequency: Every Tuesday evening
Paul Feder
Jenny Feder
Hans Graffie
Tina Graffie
Darryl Regan

Friday Friends

Frequency: Every Friday afternoon
Lee Harwood
Jo Luke
Betsy Vashel*
Betsy Wallace*
Laura Gonsalves*

The Cupertino Crones

Frequency: Alternate Wednesday evenings
Laura Gonsalves*
Anne Ng
Jean Ridley*
Stevie White*
Sonja Wilcomer*

South Bay Baroque

Frequency: Each Monday afternoon
Mary Carrigan*
Lee Hukill*
Bill Lazar
Stevie White*


Frequency: Alternate Tuesday Evenings
Dick Davies*
Keith Kvenvolden*
Kay Leibrand
Jill Tierney

Palo Alto Early Music Group

Frequency: Alternate Thursday evenings
Erika Curran
Dick Davies*
George Greenwood*
Keith Kvenvolden*
Kay Liebrand
Bernard Lint

Tuesday Evenings Group

Frequency: Twice each month
Dick Davies*
Eben Kermit
Sid Simon*
Flora Watson*
Sonja Wilcomer*
Fred Palmer, Director

Belmont Ensemble

Frequency: Twice each month
Greta Hrysw
Mary Carrigan*
Susan Casey
Dan Chernikoff*
Chris Flake*
Fred Palmer, Director

Belmonth Quartet

Frequency: Twice each month
Alette Douglas
Madeleine Grumbach
Michael Hirohama*
Marja Javier
John OíNeil
Fred Palmer, Director

Saturday Mornings Group

Frequency: Each Saturday morning
Victor Eisner
Susan Martin
Flora Watson*
Sonja Wilcomer*

The Wembleys

Frequency: Mondays - but not regularly
Susan Denison
MaryJeanne Fenn
Laura Gonsalves*
Linda Hagelin
Jean Ridley*
Don Watson
Joanna Woodrow

Portola Valley Consort

Frequency: Alternate Tuesdays
Margaret Cohen
Diana Fischer*
Charles Fischer
Gwen Freeman

The Catís Meow/Los Gatos

Jan Battle
Kelly Moore*
Janice Trieglaff
Donna Swanson
Anne-Marie Wiggers*

Linsenberg Ensemble

Frequency: Tuesday evenings
Susan Casey
Dan Chernikoff* (on occasion)
Bill Lazar
Pat Marion
Lee Tavrow
Stevie White*
Judy Linsenberg, Conductor

*Denotes MPRO member

Members wishing to join or form consorts:

Anne-Marie Wiggers, SATB, crumhorns, Intermediate Level
Nicholas Vigil, S,T,Gb, Oboe, English Horn
Abbey Eller, SATB, Intermediate Level