Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra Newsletter

MARCH 2002


More on workshops:

Last month while reporting our January workshop I neglected to mention how great it is to have other instrumentalists join us. Our music with Tish was enriched by Viol players Vic Eisner, Bill Lazar, Al Roper, and P.J. Savage.

By the way, I've been calling that fretted string family "Gambas". P.J., citing Dorothy Orolin of the Sacramento Recorder Society, says that gamba means leg, Viol is the big fiddle. Hence, Viola da gamba is one of those Viols which is held by the legs. Since one plays the Viol, not one's gambas, I will now refer to those doing so, as Viol players. (And will try to do it with no vile thoughts and with vials of good humor.)

My limited knowledge of the Viol family prompted a peek into my Concise Norton/Grove to learn that Viola da braccio is played on the arm (sometimes under the chin and sometimes against the chest). The Viola d'amore was popular during the late 17th and 18th centuries and had 14 strings. (And I find it a challenge to play the holey stick which has just 8 openings!)

A complaint overheard last year at a week-long workshop: "No matter what class I'm in they're talking about improving your technique! I'm not interested in improving, I just want to play."

Just shows to go you that you've got to be careful when attending workshops. You might learn something and, worse yet, actually improve your playing! Aren't people wonderful?

Stevie White


that in 590-604 AD Pope Gregory I (the Great) collected and codified the best chants being used in the church (called the Gregorian Chant). He discovered that the second half of the scale, H to P, was a repetition of the first half, A to H. So he abolished the last 9 letters. He then used the first 7 again, indicating the lower octave by capitals and the upper octave by lower case letters.


Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,

Listed below is the music for the orchestra's next two meetings. Please note the following: (1) The meeting on April 3 will take place in the JLS Middle School Library because of a band concert that evening on campus. MPRO members are encouraged to car pool and to plan on arriving earlier than usual at the school since parking will be limited. (2) All krummhorn players will be needed at the rehearsal on March 20. (3) We will work on Rozhinkes mit Mandeln at both meetings with our vocal soloist, Rochelle Goldman. (4) Please look over your music to the Prt, Pari Intervallo. Those assigned to the soprano recorder part on this piece are strongly urged to check second octave E flat on their instruments for intonation and practice third octave C for response and tuning.

There will also be a rehearsal for the MPRO Ensemble on Wednesday, March 13, at 7:30 P.M. Only those who have volunteered to take part in the March 16 video recording of the orchestra need attend this rehearsal.

March 13
MPRO Ensemble rehearsal,7:30 P.M.
Rossi: Sinfonia
L'autre jour/Au tens pascour/In seculum
Claudin de Sermisy: Tant que vivray
Britten: Scherzo
Arbeau: Belle qui tiens ma vie
Marais: Rondeau
MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
I Will Bow and Be Simple, The Humble Heart, Simple Gifts
Ippolitov-Ivanov: Bless the Lord, O my soul
Viadana: La Mantovana

March 20
MPRO Rehearsal
Landini: Che pena quest'al cor
Bartok: Rumanian Christmas Song No. 12
Lassus: Matona mia cara
Rozhinkes mit Mandeln

I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings.

Fred Palmer


The "Consorts" section of the MPRO web site has been updated with the latest list of consorts and members. If you are in an MPRO consort, please review the web page to be sure the information is accurate and your picture is up to date. If you don't have a picture of your consort on the web yet, why don't you take a camera along to your next rehearsal, take a quick picture, and give it to Dan Chernikoff at the next orchestra rehearsal? Or better yet, if you have a digital camera (or a scanner), send a .jpg or .gif image to me at dchernik@liberate.com and I will get it up on the web right away. A reminder: our web address is http://www.sfems.org/mpro and there is lots of useful information up there, including a list, updated monthly, of what pieces we will be working on at the next few rehearsals.


Dan Chernikoff
MPRO Webmaster


On Saturday, April 20th, the South Bay Recorder Society will present "Sharpen Up!!!", directed by Bob Dawson. Bob will focus on playing in sharp keys and tuning accidentals with music of the 17th, 18th and 20th centuries. Emphasis will be on the fingering and tuning of the two sharp notes, C# and F#, most frequently confronted by recorder players. The workshop will be held 9am 4 pm at Los Gatos United Methodist Church, 19 High School Court, Los Gatos. For information and registration ($30 for MPRO members) contact Anne Ng at (408) 257-6506 or anneng@aol.com. Or see Anne-Marie Wiggers at MPRO rehearsals. .

Farallon Recorder Quartet

The Bay Area's own Farallon Recorder Quartet and guest Adriana Breukink present a program of English, Italian and Dutch music from the Middle Ages to the present day for four and five recorders on Sunday March 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda, Berkeley. The church is on Los Angeles, off the The Alameda between Marin and Solano Ave. Cost is $17 general, $15 for students, seniors, ARS, SFEMS members, and children under 15 accompanied by an adult. For information call 510-559-4670 or email at barecorderseries@mindspring.com.

The final events in the first year of this series are a playing workshop on music for recorders by Brazilian composers, presented by the Galhano/Montgomery Duo on Saturday April 13, and a concert of Italian and French Baroque music presented by the recorder/harpsichord duo of Cla Galhano and Vivian Montgomery on Sunday April 14 at 7:30 p.m. Please call 510-559-4670 (or barecorderseries@mindspring.com) for more information or to receive a brochure.


HAUSMUSIK presents music of great civilizations in Europe and Western Asia with Tim Rayborn ud, saz, percussion, voice, sitar, and other instruments, with guest percussionist John Waller.

Sunday, March 10, 8:00 pm, Parish Hall, St. Albans Episcopal Church, 1501 Washington St., Albany. $10 (general), $8 (students, seniors, SFEMS, ARS). No advance tickets. Call (510) 486-2803 for information, or visit http://www.timrayborn.com. Not wheelchair accessible.