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I hope your summer has been a pleasant one. The highlight of mine was driving to the Port Townsend Workshop with P.J. Savage; a first time for both of us. We were able to tour a bit of Oregon and the Olympic peninsula on the way north, then spend a magical week of good food (contrary to previous years), good music and new friends. Unlike other workshops I've attended, the place was rife with Viol teachers and players (including P.J.). Can you imagine the sight and richness of sound with 10 expert Viol players altogether on stage performing Josquin? It raised the hair and brought tears to the eyes!

Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, your Board of Directors has had two meetings since the June concert, thus keeping our organization moving forward. In his article on the next page, Fred (our Great Omniscient Director) has previewed the season. (Believe me people, we can't pay Fred enough for the work he does!) The venues for the workshops and concerts have changed, partly because of the work of the Board and Fred, but also necessitated by the unforeseen loss of our usual fall workshop site at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. That surprise resulted in a last minute scramble. We were out of a meeting place, but advanced publicity, now with the wrong location, was already in progress, including notice to SFEMS and ARS for inclusion in their publications. Fortunately all problems were resolved. Onward to happier things!

Mary Carrigan reports that our treasury is healthy for the coming year, somewhat bolstered by newsletter ads, but largely due to DONATIONS. Keep 'em coming folks, we're aiming not only for the continued the solvency of MPRO, but also for the purchase of a Contra Bass. (Incidentally, Mary will accept pledges for the Contra Bass, deferring payment until purchase is actually made.)

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at our first meeting on September 5th. If you wish, you can congratulation Mary Ashley. She's retired from her library work at the school and recently returned from a week of opera and art in Santa Fe.

Stevie White


Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,

Welcome to another exciting season of fine music making. Here are some of the highlights for 2001-2002: The holiday concert, scheduled for Saturday, December 8, will include the Sinfonia from Cantata No. 156 by J.S. Bach with Nicholas Vigil oboe soloist as well as three settings of the chorale, Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem for recorders, krummhorns and voices by Michael Praetorius. Appearing with the orchestra for the holiday concert will be the Palo Alto Madrigal Singers directed by Doris Williams. Joining the orchestra for its annual spring concert on Sunday, June 2, will be the Oriana Consort of Viols directed by Hazelle Miloradovitch. The program will feature polychoral works for recorders and strings by Soderino and Vejvanovsky as well as music by Haydn, Brahms, Orlando di Lasso and the medieval composer, Francesco Landini.

I am pleased to announce that Shelley Gruskin, a member of the New York Pro Musica from 1961 to 1974 and one of the world's leading performers on recorder and early double reeds for over forty years, will be directing a workshop for the orchestra on November 10. Further information about this workshop appears in this issue of Upbeat. On January 26, Bay Area performer Letitia Berlin will direct a workshop featuring Venetian music from the Renaissance through the Baroque. Further information about this workshop will appear in the December MPRO newsletter. I am also happy to announce that one of the Bay Area's favorite performers and ensemble leaders, Shira Kammen, will be guest director for the orchestra's meeting on March 20

Listed below is the music for the first three meetings of the orchestra. Music can be purchased at these meetings. Those returning from last season can use their parts to Rozhinkes mit Mandeln, Nigun, Oif'n Pripetshik, Die Grineh Kuzine, the Handel Overture for St. Cecilia's Day, Se j'eusse un seul peu d'esperanche by Binchois, the Brahms Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen and the Harrison Gigue en Rondeau.

Please note that krummhorn players will be needed at the meeting on September 19.

September 5
Brahms: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
Harrison: Serenade, Gigue en Rondeau
Handel: Overture for St. Cecilia's Day

September 19
Praetorius: Puer natus/Ein Kind geborn
Bach: Sinfonia and Choral
Die Grineh Kuzine

October 3
Brahms: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
Binchois: Se j'eusse un seul peu d'esperanche
Rozhinkes mit Mandeln
Handel: Overture for St. Cecilia's Day

I look forward to working with you again in September and encourage you to let any of your friends who play early instruments know about the orchestra's varied activities this season and invite them to attend our upcoming meetings, workshops and concerts.

Fred Palmer

Celtic Music Workshop for Singers and Instrumentalists

Sponsored by the Sacramento Recorder Society

Distant Oaks will be presenting a Celtic music workshop for singers and instrumentalists on Saturday, October 13 in the Sacramento area (details below). Since 1994, Distant Oaks' dedication to the old ways of playing, singing, and dancing has become a hallmark of their style and has influenced many others in the area of traditional music and dance. Deborah, the group's director (who sings and plays a variety of stringed instruments), has studied both Irish and Scottish Gaelic for a number of years and brings to the group the added enhancement of traditional Gaelic song.

Deborah -- together with sons Jared (recorder, whistle, Scottish smallpipes) and Shayne (Celtic harp, stepdancing) -- will teach workshop participants a number of dance tunes from Ireland and Scotland, including strathspeys (Scottish only), reels, jigs, and slip jigs, as well as slow airs. Additionally, participants will learn some Gaelic choruses and simple songs (no previous experience with the language is necessary).

This is a wonderful opportunity to study with master musicians who have been lauded in the ceili houses of Connemara, as well as the concert halls of California. Please visit Distant Oaks' Web site: www.distantoaks.com

Workshop details: Saturday, October 13, 10 AM - 4 PM (includes a lunch break)
St. John's Lutheran Church, 17th and L, Sacramento, CA
Contact persons: Kathryn Canan, 916-723-2409, kacanan@attglobal.net; Billie Hamilton 916-451-7614; or Deborah White (707) 545-6676.

Cost of workshop: $35 for members of SRS, ARS, and SFEMS; $40 for non-members. Checks (made out to the Sacramento Recorder Society) should be sent to: 6709 Old Oak Court, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Please register at least one week before the workshop

You are invited to be our guest at the next meeting of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra
Bring your instruments and a music stand or just come and listen.

MPRO Meetings 2001 - 2002

September 5, 19
October 3, 17, 24
November 7, 14
December 5, 12 (December 12 is the holiday party)
Concert will be Saturday, December 8 at Hope Lutheran Evangelical Church in San Mateo, 2:00 P.M..
January 9, 23
February 6, 20
March 6, 20
April 3, 17
May 1, 15, 29 (May 29 will be dress rehearsal.)
Concert will be early June, at the Portola Valley Town Center Auditorium.

Workshop will be Saturday, November 10, at Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, 600 West 42nd Ave. San Mateo
Meetings are held from 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. at J. L. Stanford Middle School, music room 2, 480 East Meadow Drive in Palo Alto.

For further information please contact: Frederic Palmer, Music Director (650) 591-3648
or Stevie White, President (408) 255-5833

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A reminder that your dues for the 2001-2002 season is due: $65.00 for Participating Member, $17.00 for Associate Member. Make your check to MPRO and give to Chris at the September 5 meeting, or mail to Christopher Flake.

Chris prefers to receive an application form with your payment. (See previous page.) If the info hasn't changed from last year, just write your name. Please do fill in any consort request and your preferred instrument choices.

(See printed newsletter for Chris' mailing address).