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This section of the MPRO web site contains many of the compositions and arrangements for recorders that I have produced over the past twenty-seven years, and almost all of this music has been performed in public. It is divided into three categories: arrangements, modern compositions and period compositions. Most of the arrangements were intended for a specific occasion or group and range from those for four-part recorder consort to recorder orchestra settings. All of the four-part selections will also work well when played with more than one instrument per part. The modern compositions consist of three unpublished original pieces in the contemporary idiom. Two others, Entrevista and Serie, have been published by the American Recorder Society and are not included in this collection. My period compositions represent works for combinations and sizes of recorders that I felt as a teacher and director were underrepresented in the surviving repertoire for the instrument from earlier eras.

Licensing Agreement

You are free to use and share all of the music contained here for noncommercial purposes. When you use and share this material please remember that you accept the terms of the licensing agreement that appears in a separate file, viewable HERE. If you wish to use any of the material beyond the scope of this agreement please contact Frederic Palmer by e-mail at, telephone, 650-591-3648 or U.S. mail, 1419 Arden Lane, Belmont, CA 94002 U.S.A. I would also appreciate your feedback regarding the music in this collection, including how you use it, if you perform it or comments in general.

Accessing the Music

The tables below list each musical arrangement and composition by composer and title. The instrumetation is indicated as well, using the abbreviation system described below. Clicking on the Title of the piece will open a folder view, showing you Postscript (.pdf) files containing the parts and scores for the music, and a MIDI (.mid) file which will allow you to hear the piece. Clicking on the Instrumentation description for the piece will play the midi file for that piece, if your web browser supports this.

The abbreviations used for the instrumentation of each selection are based on those found in the reviews appearing in the American Recorder magazine to which I have added some. The following is a key to these abbreviations.

Some scores and parts use generic names (Cantus, Altus, etc) for the various voices. In these cases, the instrumentation given after the name of the selection should be consulted. Instead of parts, some selections have short scores for the recorders and other instruments. In these cases, the full score should be consulted for the instrumentation and repeat schemes. Also, repeated sections in the short score may be written as continuous measures in the full score, usually with a change of instrumentation when the material is repeated, and measure numbers in the full score have been adjusted to reflect the numbering in the short score.

Showing Appreciation

I arranged or composed much of this music for the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra as its director over the past thirty-five years, and to a certain extent that organization is responsible for the existence of many of the selections that I am now sharing with you. If you find this music worthwhile, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra, a not-for-profit affiliate of the San Francisco Early Music Society and an American Recorder Society Recorder Orchestra. Checks should be made payable to SFEMS (San Francisco Early Music Society) with a note saying Donation for MPRO. Please contact Chantal Moser, Treasurer, Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra, at for the address where the check is to be mailed.

I hope you find the music on this web site enjoyable and will add some of it to your recorder repertoire.

Frederic Palmer
Belmont, California
October, 2023

The Music Collection

Note, in the tables below:

Click on the composition Title to view and download all the parts and the midi file.
Click on the Instrumentation abbreviation to hear a midi file of the piece (may not work on some browsers).


Composer Title Instrumentation
Anonymous Five 17th-century Hungarian Dances from the L÷cse Virginal Book SATB
Anonymous Four Shaker Melodies SATB
Anonymous Go hert, hurt with adversite S'oATTBgBgB
Anonymous Hungarian Dances from the Sopran Virginal Book SATB
Anonymous Pastor gresgis egregius S'oATTBgBgB, vs
Bach Gigue SSAATBgB,vdg hc tp
Bach Rejouissance SSAATB, vdg hc tp
Boyce Symphony No. 3 Allegro SSAATBcB, bc
Boyce Symphony No. 5 Allegro ma non troppo SSATBcB, vdg org tp
Charpentier Prelude SSAATBgB, dul org tp
Corelli Adagio and Allegro SATB
Corelli Concerto Op. 6, No. 2 AAAAB, bc
Corelli Concerto Op. 6, No. 3 AAATB, bc
Corelli Sonata SATB
Dunstable Sancta Maria ATTBgBgB, (lh) vdg
Grenon Je suy defait ATTTBgB, lh vdg
Hakenberger Exsultate Deo S/AATB-S/AATB
Hakenberger Portae Ierusalem S/ATB-TBBgB, bc
Handel Concerto Op. 6, No. 1 AAAABBcb, bc
AAAAB1, bc
Johannes le Grant Entre vous nouviaux maries S'o/AATTTBgB, lh vdg
Legrenzi Sonata _La Buscha_ SSAT, dul-ATcB, org
Machaut Ballade SSA/TA/TgBgB, vdg
Marais Rondeau SATB
Purcell Suite in G, selections SSATBcB, bc
Schmelzer Sonata con arie SSAATBgB, tp bc
Stradella Sonata SSAB-ATBcB, bc
Vejvanovsky Intrada SSATB, bc
Vejvanovsky Offertur ad duos choros SATB/gB-SATB/gB, bc
Vejvanovsky Serenada SSATB-ATBcB, bc
Vivaldi Concerto Op. 3, No.1 AAAAB, hc
Zielenski Ofertorium SATB-S/ATT/BB/gB, bc

Modern Compositions:

Composer Title Instrumentation
Palmer Holiday Toccata SATB
Palmer Malibu Winter SAATB
Palmer The Glass Elevator SAAAATB

Period Compositions:

Composer Title Instrumentation
Palmer Six Sonatas for Two Alto Recorders AA
Palmer Sonata La Margherita S/AAB-S/AATB, bc
Palmer Sonata No. 1 from the School of Schmelzer SATB, org
Palmer Sonata No. 2 from the School of Schmelzer SATB, org

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